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Indulge into awesome threesome with you and your partner:

It doesn’t matter if you are married or have a girlfriend, if your partner is bisexual and wants you to bring another woman in bed, you can always take help of our wonderful escorts. In fact, most of our escorts enjoy threesome and ensure that you and your partner enjoy their moves and grooves too. Watch your partner do dirty things with another woman and get turned on!


Give the best blowjob to help you get the best wave in the ocean of your body:

There are only a few women who have the courage to give blowjobs to their men; if you have never experienced receiving a blowjob, let our VIP escort girls do the job for you; we are sure you are going to enjoy their warm mouth.


Make out with you just like your ex-girlfriend did (or maybe even better than her):

Do you miss your ex-girlfriend at times? Would you do anything to enjoy the same sensation burning your lips from the fire of your desire? Our beautiful escorts have luscious lips; they know how to get you going with just one kiss. Let them know you have recently broken up and they would do everything to help you relive the moments you spent with your ex.


Win the dirty-talk game:

Do you like talking dirty with another woman? Did you just say you’ve never talked dirty with a woman before? Well, do you want to experience talking dirty? Then you have got to hire one of the escorts from this agency. Azunes ensures to teach dirty little things to its high class escorts so that they use their pretty lips for prettier stuff as well.

 Provide you with girlfriend experience:

How about hiring a woman who can be your girlfriend for a night? Cherish her, make love to her and do everything that you want to, with no strings attached.


Bring in another woman with her to help you enjoy more:

We all have a sexual fantasy; we want more than just one partner in bed. If you want to experience that feeling, our escorts can come together. Enjoy our duo escort package; let their soft skin brush against your stubble, your chest, and every inch of your body. Let the two beautiful mermaids snuggle into your sheet and make you feel warmer.


Strip off her clothes, one by one, exciting your senses with no mercy at all:

Our wonderful escorts are amazing dancers. Put on some music and tell them to strip for you and they would.


Kiss your partner right in front of your eyes and seduce you in a soft, yet hard, way: How would you feel if your partner is kissed by another woman?

If this excites you, then you need an escort from Azunes. Most of the escorts working with us are bisexual. This means that they can do both ways for you and hence, you don’t have to think twice before hiring anyone from our list. If the woman that you choose is available, you can enjoy all that you’ve been wanting to.


Go on a seductive dinner date with you:

Sometimes, you are new in the city (probably on a business tour) and you don’t know anyone at all. Since you have come for a short period of time or on business, you can’t make friends. When it comes to VIP escorts, Amsterdam is that one place where you get the prettiest women. If you want to take someone out for a dinner date, our escorts can help you enjoy the best time of your life.


Keep your dirty little secrets to them:

Most of the times, people don’t hire escorts because they don’t know whether it is safe for them to do so or not. What if someone tells the others that they hired an escort for their sexual desires? When you hire our VIP escort girls, you don’t have to scratch your head. This is because our ladies know how to keep your secrets to them. They do their job, leave and remember you just as a memory.